Harlequin Opal Shawl

I’d been wanting to adapt the stitch pattern from my Mr. Harley Quin socks into a shawl for some time, and imagine my excitement when I found out there was actually a harlequin opal! So perfect! The colorful stone fit perfectly with what I had in mind for this shawl, a pattern that works well with those variegated yarns that have been sitting in your stash that you can’t figure out what to do with. And when I saw my skein of Malabrigo sock in Arco Iris, I knew it was the yarn for this one. What’s also great about this pattern is that it’s really conducive to up/down-sizing. I included an extra set of charts for a larger shawl.

This is the third shawl in VBM shawl collection 3. As with all of the other patterns in the collection, it comes with both charted and written instructions. You can purchase this and the other patterns individually or as part of the collection.



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6 responses to “Harlequin Opal Shawl

  1. Very pretty and really good design and shape!
    I think this would be very versatile to wear different ways.

  2. Adelaide

    would make a great wedding shawl – have niece from one sibling and a nephew from another sibling both getting married next year

  3. Courtney

    Sooo….I just found all of your patterns on Rav today…and I had to come visit the blog and profess my love to you.


    MUST HAVE ALL THE SOCKS AND SHAWLS!!!! Wow. I am so thrilled you exist right now. Totally writing about you on my blog.

  4. You are my new favorite designer. Words do not describe! I bought one and will be buying a lot more soon. BTW, my last favorite designer stopped designing, please don’t do that. BTW2, you are not charging any near enough for your patterns. mrellan.harahan@gmail.com

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