Olympic National Park Shawl

So life got busy in December and January so I haven’t quite gotten around to posting the last shawl in my National Park-inspired collection. It’s one I’m quite proud of, and here it is, my Olympic National Park (ONP) Shawl. I have only visited ONP once, but I two things really stuck with me from that visit. One was the color and clarity of a lake we visited and the other was the gorgeous the rainforest hike we went on. So when I remember ONP, those are the things that come to mind and those are the things I thought of when I created this shawl. And when I thought of this I knew I had to use Hazel Knits yarn, seemed so appropriate to use a Seattle yarn company and Wendee’s colors/yarns never disappoint. This pattern is for sale individually or as part of my second shawl collection, just click on the shawl tab at the top for more details.


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One response to “Olympic National Park Shawl

  1. Shannon Grewell

    Your patterns are crazy beautiful! I think they are probably too hard for me, however I can dream!

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