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Harlequin Opal Shawl

I’d been wanting to adapt the stitch pattern from my Mr. Harley Quin socks into a shawl for some time, and imagine my excitement when I found out there was actually a harlequin opal! So perfect! The colorful stone fit perfectly with what I had in mind for this shawl, a pattern that works well with those variegated yarns that have been sitting in your stash that you can’t figure out what to do with. And when I saw my skein of Malabrigo sock in Arco Iris, I knew it was the yarn for this one. What’s also great about this pattern is that it’s really conducive to up/down-sizing. I included an extra set of charts for a larger shawl.

This is the third shawl in VBM shawl collection 3. As with all of the other patterns in the collection, it comes with both charted and written instructions. You can purchase this and the other patterns individually or as part of the collection.



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Third Shawl Collection

I told myself that after the first of the year I’d focus on socks for a bit, but the skein of HazelKnits Divine in Cinnabar was calling to me. The result was my Cinnamon Stone Shawl. Cinnamon stones are a type of garnet, which happens to be my birthstone and seeing as how this shawl was a birthday present to myself, it all just seemed appropriate.

This shawl is the first in another shawl collection named after precious stones. As of now, two patterns have been released, and the third one is nearly done being tested. The fourth one will be out some time in March. Like with the other collections, you can purchase it at any time and you will get updates as the new patterns are released. The patterns are also available for individual purchase. All will be designed to use one skein of sock yarn and all are knit in one piece. All patterns will include both charted and written instructions.

The second shawl in the collection was designed as a gift for a good friend whose favorite color happens to be this shade of fuschia and whose birthstone is a topaz. The result is my Pink Topaz shawl shown here. The body is knit in typical top-down shawl construction with the border knit sideways along the side, connecting as you go (no seaming!)

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Olympic National Park Shawl

So life got busy in December and January so I haven’t quite gotten around to posting the last shawl in my National Park-inspired collection. It’s one I’m quite proud of, and here it is, my Olympic National Park (ONP) Shawl. I have only visited ONP once, but I two things really stuck with me from that visit. One was the color and clarity of a lake we visited and the other was the gorgeous the rainforest hike we went on. So when I remember ONP, those are the things that come to mind and those are the things I thought of when I created this shawl. And when I thought of this I knew I had to use Hazel Knits yarn, seemed so appropriate to use a Seattle yarn company and Wendee’s colors/yarns never disappoint. This pattern is for sale individually or as part of my second shawl collection, just click on the shawl tab at the top for more details.

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