Verybusymonkey Shawl Collection 1

So, I have given in to peer pressure and decided to put together a pattern collection. 🙂 It will feature four original shawl designs that will be released between now and October. If you purchase the collection, you will automatically be sent updates as the new patterns are released (essentially, you’d be “pre-ordering” them).The patterns will also be available for individual purchase as well, but once you buy individuals patterns, you can’t get discounts or anything on the collection later on. The collection will include the Coriolis Shawl (this one is already released – photos in previous post), as well as my Bernoulli shawl (currently in testing – photos below) and two others that will be released over the next couple of months. The patterns will include both written and charted instructions.

You can purchase the collection or the Coriolis shawl individually by clicking on the “Shawl Patterns” tab at the top.

Bernoulli Shawl


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